Laid back, soaked in Florida sunshine and all twisted up in reggae-rock - this is Boca Raton’s own Fireside Prophets. Following the success of their debut EP Resinate, the dynamic four-piece group is back in the studio to prepare their next album for release in late 2017. Part chilled-out reggae, part slinky rock and all attitude, this is the next up and coming band to keep your eyes on.

While combining classic elements of reggae with hip hop rhythms and the crunchy attitude of 90s grunge, Fireside Prophets coined their own brand of “Dirty South Swamp Rock.” Ideal for fans of Slightly Stoopid, Authority Zero, The Expendables, Sublime or Rebelution, the group consistently pushes the limits while transporting the listener to the fun-loving, palm tree dotted warm shores of Florida.

Now a mainstay at area clubs and music venues, Fireside Prophets are consistently featured on FAU college radio while garnering airplay on Pandora, Spotify, IHeart Radio and Jango. While continuing to ride the wave set off by the release of Resinate in late 2012, their debut LP Ignite sees the band pushing their unique blend of music to new heights as they continue to grow.

"Fireside Prophets craft catchy lyrics, worthy of being sung in the shower, that blend magically with their guitar riffs which rival the expert level on Guitar Hero and a drum beat that stitches everything together. But what’s especially impressive isn’t just their cool vibe and musical skill. It’s also their passion for music – something the industry can’t manufacture," said Michelle Ferrand of University Press - FAU.

Fireside Prophets was founded in 2008 at Florida Atlantic University by a trio of like-minded music fanatics; Justin “JD” D’Alfonso (guitar/lead vocals), Oren “OG” Gross (bass/piano/backing vocals) and Travis “T-Shmeet” Schmeider (drums/backing vocals). Now as of 2016, they are a four piece group with new members, Pat Montanari on Sax/Keys and Cal Nelson as the new bassist, both bringing a whole new vibe to the group. They have also appeared on a pair of BandCamp compilations; CompOWLation: Volume 1 and Homegrown: From The Sunshine State.

Resinate and Ignite are available now from digital retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and CD Baby, with streaming audio available on the band’s official Facebook, ReverbNation, Pandora, IheartRadio and BandCamp pages. Keep up with all the latest news including tour dates and album updates by following them on Facebook or Twitter and subscribing to their mailing list. Keep your eyes peeled for the Fireside Prophets next EP later in 2017 with a south eastern tour in the works for next summer.


Justin "JD" D'Alfonso - Guitar/Vocals/Keyboard/Ukelele 

Florida born and raised, JD studied music business and communications at Florida Atlantic University specializing in jazz guitar as well as creative writing and philosophy. Originally from Orlando, Justin moved down south to kick-start the reggae fusion trio back in 2008, where he now resides singing and songwriting for the band while incorporating his signature guitar sound with the occasional, ukelele, sitar, piano, mandolin and bass. Young and ambitious, Justin strives to make his mark in the world through art and music to sooth the soul. Justin also manages the project and all forms of its business, publicity, marketing, booking and development. 



Oren "OG" Gross - Bass/Guitar/Piano/Strings/Vocals

Originally from California and the oldest of the group Oren is a musical aficionado specializing in just about every instrument especially bass, keyboard, violin, piano and guitar. Oren also studied in Music and Graphic Design at Florida Atlantic University where he originally met the band. During his time in the music program, Oren was noted as a prestigious sound engineer and producer working on multiple projects within the student-run record label as well as various studios in south Florida. Oren also went back for another degree, specializing in Computer Programing. He is the technical and musical brains of the trio and handles majority of the production, engineering and design for the project. As of 2016, OG has moved on to other endeavors but will always be a beloved founding member of the team with occasional appearances as a stand-by/back up bassist in the future.

Travis "Travy" Schmeider - Drums 

Co-founder of the trio, Travy is a Pittsburgh native and raised in Tampa, Florida. Travis met Justin at orientation within the music business program at Florida Atlantic University where they decided to to become dorm mates and begin producing and writing under the alias "Blind Bois Productions". Travy has a superb background in rhythm from drumline and various music studies, known for his top notch sporadic style he brings an energy and vibe to the band that can't be tamed. Travis is the pulse keeping the beat running and holding it all together, he also helps in promotion and publicity for the project and not to mention he's also one hell of a cook.


------------------------------NEWEST MEMBERS AS OF 2016-----------------------------


Cal Nelson - Bass/Vocals

Official bass player as of early 2016, born in Sandy, Utah. Cal Nelson is an established songwriter, and music production student at FAU. Cal brings a whole new groove to the team with his steadily articulated bass lines combined with elements of blues and funk inspired rhythms. Cal also performs with his side project "Del Pelson" a blues rock inspired group coming up in the region. Cal lends his abstract inspired way of thinking to the groups songwriting and is now a key member of the team.

Patrick Montanari - Keyboard/Saxophone/Vocals/Auxiliary

The newest member of the squad, after being a 3 piece for years, Pat brings a whole new energy to the group officially making Fireside a powerful Quartet. Patrick has studied music his whole life and is also a gifted member of the FAU music program focused on production. He's born and raised right here in Delray, Florida and has the skills to tackle most instrumentation including saxophone, bassoon, piano, keyboard, guitar and more! This makes him a valued auxiliary musician to the group adding a special kick where needed while also utilizing harmonies and background vocals live. He is now our key songwriter for the group and provides most of the technical and production assistance for the band. Pat also jams with various groups in the region including his own solo project and alongside Cal with Del Pelson. 


Garret Kealer - Drums/Percussion (Back-up/Standby)



              FIRESIDE PROPHETS 2016

              FIRESIDE PROPHETS 2016

Concert 4...jpeg


July 19——————DAS Beer and Pizza—————Riviera Beach (Singer Island

July 20————————-Grandview Public Market—-West Palm Beach

July 27———————————TEquesta Brewing Co.——Tequesta

July 31———————————Guanabanas Jupiter—-

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"Although they’re just three guys, the volume of the instruments gave them a full sound that made them sound like there were more."

Carolina Fernandez, University Press- FAU(Jan 23, 2012)


"There’s no doubt that the Fireside Prophets are working hard to go far –– and they have what it takes to do it. Their music and lyrics are unique and impressive, but most surprisingly, there’s no Auto-Tune within earshot –– a refreshing fact, considering there are enough Rebecca Blacks and Ke$has in the world."

Michelle Ferrand, University Press- FAU(Jan 10, 2012)

““Fireside Prophets are a talented band and will go a long way in the future,The sound that they bring to the table is very unique and original.” - Nate James (Commercial Music major at FAU)”

Michelle Ferrand, University Press- FAU(Jan 10, 2012)

“Fireside Prophets craft catchy lyrics, worthy of being sung in the shower, that blend magically with their guitar riffs which rival the expert level on Guitar Hero and A drum beat that stitches everything together. But what’s especially impressive isn’t just their cool vibe and musical skill. It’s also their passion for music –– something the industry can’t manufacture.”

Michelle Ferrand, University Press- FAU(Jan 10, 2012)


"These guys make you feel like camping out, sitting around a fire, and singing your heart out with your buddies –– all with a really sweet bass line."

Michelle Ferrand, University Press -FAU(Jan 10, 2012)